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Portafilter Dosing Ring

Portafilter Dosing Ring

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Keep the mess of grounded coffee away with our Dosing Rings.

Our aluminum dosing rings are a tool that simplifies the coffee making process, allowing you to easily fill your portafilter with freshly ground coffee. Unlike other dosing tools, our rings feature a powerful magnet that attaches to most common portafilters, providing a secure and stable platform for precise dosing.

With our dosing rings you can eliminate messy spills and ensure a consistent and accurate dosing process every time.


- Simplifies the coffee-making process: With our Aluminum Dosing Rings, filling up your portafilter with freshly ground coffee becomes a quick and easy process, eliminating the need for messy and time-consuming dosing methods.

- Features a powerful magnet: Our dosing rings come with a strong magnet that securely attaches to your portafilter, providing a stable platform for precise and consistent dosing.

- Ensures consistent and accurate dosing: The precise dosing provided by our Aluminum Dosing Rings eliminates the guesswork and ensures that each shot of espresso is perfectly balanced, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee.

- Reduces waste: With accurate dosing, there is less waste and no more spilled coffee, resulting in cost savings and a more environmentally friendly coffee-making process.

- High-quality and durable: Made from high-quality aluminum, the dosing rings are built to last, withstanding regular use and providing a reliable tool for coffee-making enthusiasts.


Ring Sizes:  51mm portafilter, 54mm portafilter and 58mm portafilter.

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